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Birthdate:Apr 21
Website:Bowl of Serial
I am:
A child of the Universe.
A weirdo.
A writer.
No I lied, I suck at writing.
Seriously though, I rock at writing.
A nobody.
The sort of person you might blacklist from your dinner parties.
The one you loved, who loved you.
The one you loved, who betrayed you.
The one you betrayed.
Edgar R. Rozenkratz.
There is no Edgar R. Rozenkratz, to the best of my knowledge.
Aurelia Hortensia Philomena Jones.
There has definitely never been anyone named Aurelia Hortensia anything.
Who am I, really, to know who I am?

I threw in some of the first stuff that popped in my head for the "fill in bulleted list of interests" part, but those sort of annoy me to be honest, because you could go on and on and on, where do you stop, and no one reads them anyway, so I am not even sure why I added what I did, but I can't resist filling in boxes I guess.

I will probably edit this later so it's a little more informative! But I'm not sure what I want to do with it just yet. Or maybe I won't, but I'll leave this here, so you'll always wonder if I'm about to. And so you can see how insecure I am.
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